145: Unsupervised Machine Learning


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Today we discuss adventures, books, tools, and art discoveries before diving into unsupervised machine learning in this duo episode!

00:00:22 Introductions

00:01:28 Email & inbox organization is very important

00:07:28 The Douglas-Peucker algorithm

00:11:48 Starter project selection

00:17:01 Tic-Tac-Toe

00:21:41 Artemis 1

00:26:25 Space slingshots

00:29:47 Flex Seal tape

00:32:38 The Meditations

00:37:58 Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast

00:40:55 Pythagorea

00:46:13 Google Keep

00:48:05 Visual-IF

00:50:49 Data insights

01:03:07 Self-supervised learning

01:10:26 A practical example of clustering

01:15:10 Word embedding

01:24:02 Farewells

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