144: Kotlin Coroutines with Marcin Moskala


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Today we go back to our programming language roots with author, KT Academy founder, and Kotlin rockstar Marcin Moskala. We talk about how Kotlin makes itself doubly useful for app and backend development.

00:00:55 Introductions

00:01:38 Java frustrations

00:09:37 Why a well-organized typing system is important

00:11:59 What Kotlin is

00:14:58 Obsidian

00:20:13 Learning new things can be a prudent future investment

00:23:46 A pleasant coding experience

00:26:41 Co-routines in Kotlin

00:34:37 Where co-routines are best in app development

00:44:54 Thread balancing in practice

00:57:39 Kotlin’s integrated cancellation mechanism

01:05:10 Getting started with Kotlin

01:18:16 Farewells

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Marcin Moskala:

Kotlin Learning Resources

Information Organization Tools

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