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The Christian Coaching movement is growing all over the globe, and in

today’s episode, we get to hear first-hand accounts of what God is doing in the continent of Africa. Brian and Debi Zaas, Co-Directors of Navigators

Life and Leadership Coaching, Bora Francois from Rwanda, and Levi

Ndimubanzi from Uganda shares exciting stories, glowing testimonies, and

tremendous insight from their recent “Coach Camp Africa.”

Listen in to learn:

• Key drivers that led Navigators Life and Leadership Coaching to

expand to 36 different countries

• The developing coaching culture among the African leaders

• Personal stories of how the Holy Spirit is at work in Africa

• Insights we can learn from Africans and their commitment to coaching

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About Brian Zaas

Brian Zaas, MA, PCC, CPLC, has the privilege of serving as Co-Director,

Navigators Life and Leadership Coaching as part of their Train, Develop,

and Care organization, serving alongside his wife, Debi. They are also

founders and transformational coaches with Pursuing Promise,

Within Navigators, Brian & Debi have expanded their coaching presence in

more than 15 countries crossing all continents with the goal of equipping

leaders through a coach approach to achieve the God-sized goal of raising

up 1 million disciples in the next 10 years.

Brian and Debi coach business and ministry leaders and their teams,

integrating a biblical worldview and values into their vision and mission.

They coach influential leaders, exceptional entrepreneurs, and industrious

innovators who guide mid-sized and emerging business enterprises and

ministries seeking to achieve breakthrough goals with boldness and

steadfastness. We also come alongside pastoral and ministry leaders in

their missional organizations and churches to help them grow a disciple-making culture.

Brian’s emphatic belief is that lordship and stewardship precede

entrepreneurship and leadership. God knows our full potential, He created

our passion, and through His Word, prayer, circumstances, and godly

counsel, God will grow us to be both difference-makers and disciple-makers in every life we touch and every enterprise we build.

Brian and Debi have been married for 31 years and live near Tampa, FL. They are blessed with two daughters, Jenna & Kayla; and twin grandsons,

Noland & Nash.

About Debi Zaas

Debi Zaas – Lives in Tampa Bay area in Florida. She and Brian have been

married for 32 years and have two daughters and twin three-year-old


She is Co-Director of Navigators Life and Leadership Coaching. After eight

years of serving with Navigator Church Ministries, she transitioned to HQ

with Navigators Train-Develop-Care in hopes of having a greater impact

within Navigators cross-missionally, cities, and beyond. Debi is passionate

about coaching and sees this as an important tool to reach the God-sized

goal of Navigators raising up 1 million disciple-makers in 2030.

She earned her Master’s degree in Sports Psychology at the University of

Maryland where she ended a 20-year career in coaching gymnastics. Debi

obtained a Master level of coaching with the Institute of Professional

Excellence in Coaching and has a Professional Coaching Credential (PCC)

with the International Coaching Federation. (ICF). She is a Mentor Coach

and Instructor for Professional Christian Coaching Institute (PCCI) where

she has had the opportunity to walk alongside over 50 Navigators to grow

in their coaching skills to make disciples. Several of these Navigators are

Certified Coaches with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and

many are in pursuit of their ICF credential.

About Bora Francois

Bora Francois lives in Rwanda where he serves as Navigator’s National

Director. He is married to Francine and has a 2-year-old son, Robero. Bora

is a PCCI student, Certified Navigator Life and Leadership Coach, and

Mentor in Training.

About Levi Ndimubanzi

Levi Ndimubanz lives in Uganda where he serves as Navigator’s National

Director. He is married to Irene and has 2 daughters. He will soon be a

Certified Navigator Life & Leadership Coach, and he is a student at PCCI.

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