Raising Your Standard of Professionalism with Charles Hooper, MCC #280


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Raising your standard of professionalism and changing the world requires asking important questions. What does it mean for coaches to keep raising their own standards? What sabotaging mindsets might need to be addressed? What does the future of coaching look like, and what role can you play?

Tune in to this valuable episode with Master Certified Coach, Charles Hooper, and learn more about the valuable contribution your coaching can make.

About Charles Hooper:

Charles Hooper, Jr, MCC, is an Atlanta-based Executive Coach and Leadership Development Trainer. He has worked with senior leaders in a variety of industries and organizations domestically and internationally to design and deliver leadership development processes and systems. Charles is especially skilled at accelerating leaders who are HiPo, NuRo, and YoGo (High Potential Leaders, Leaders in New Role, Leaders Developing New Leaders). Clients regularly gain clarity and confidence as they go through the change and transition process in their professional roles. In addition to his private practice, Charles trains coaches with two international coaching training companies. He is married and has 6 adult sons.

Learn how to get your complimentary 90-minute strategy session at www.HooperCoaching.com.

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