CS Lewis on Renewing Your Mind in Troubled Times #324


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In this episode, we're setting aside shop talk to focus on who we are and Whose we are in Christ. If there's ever been a time to renew your mind, then it's now. In these troubled times. CS Lewis said it best. So we're drawing on a virtual gathering we had last year in what we're calling Family Devotions. We hope it brings both help and hope to you and yours.

Renew your mind with:

  • • Insights that focus on your identity in Christ during troubled times, not only now with COVID-19 but also in any time of tribulation.
  • • Tips on how to live in this age without being of it, while you take captive the fears that run through your mind.
  • • Romans 12 and Paul's words from the Word of God, so your soul can be transformed during such a time as this.
  • • Strategies to support those in your family who struggle with stuffing their emotions, so you and yours can stay strong in spirit.

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