Creating a Coaching Culture in Cru with Bob Tiede #327


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Great coaches ask great questions, and so do great leaders. In fact, knowing what questions to ask, how to ask them, and how long to wait for an answer will yield better results than knowing all the right answers. Join today’s guest, Bob Tiede, author of Leading with Questions, as he shares invaluable insights on creating a coaching culture within Cru.

You’ll walk away knowing:

· The “8 Second Rule” for asking great questions

· How to make your team 10 times more effective

· The best way to help others feel loved

About Bob Tiede

Bob has been on the Staff of Cru for 50 years. He serves on the U.S. Leadership Development Team. Bob's blog recently marked its 9th Anniversary and is followed by Leaders in over 190 Countries. Bob is also the author of 4 popular books including "Great Leaders ASK Questions" & "Now That's a Great Question." Bob and his wife Sherry live in Plano, Texas and are blessed with 4 - now adult and married children and 7 (soon 8) remarkable Grandchildren!"

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