S810: The Hypnotist part 4 - Alien Abductions and Hypnosis


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John Mack, a respected Harvard psychologist, uses hypnosis to recover memories of alien abductions.

Alien abductions and hypnosis

Like they say on the X-files, "the truth is out there." Throughout history, people claimed to have seen many unexplainable things. Some have tangible proof, like the leaked U.S. Navy cock pit videos chasing unidentified flying objects. Other experiencers don't have any evidence at all. The only thing they have are their memories. Maybe the answer is buried deep in our subconscious?

In today's episode, we'll introduce you to a Harvard professor who used hypnosis to help people recover memories from possible alien abductions. Sure, there are people out there who claim they encountered beings from another planet just to seek attention. But, others carry these experiences in secret.

John Mac and psychology of alien abductions

John Mack was a respected Harvard psychologist who became fixated with people claiming to have been abducted or encountered alien beings. Ralph Blumenthal recently wrote John Mack's biography titled, "Believer: Alien Encounters, hard science, and the passion of John Mack."

Blumenthal says that at first, Dr. John Mack tried to explain these encounters through other means. First, are these people insane? Are they hucksters looking to make some money? But Dr. Mack found their stories to be credible. Most of his patients never came out publicly with their stories. Instead, they sought his help to grapple with their tormented past. In the 1990s, John Mack conducted hundreds of interviews with men and women of all ages who claimed they had not just one but recurring alien encounters. And one method he used during these interviews was hypnosis.

Alien abductions or sleep paralysis?

Maybe there's a more straightforward medical explanation for all of this. What if some people weren't experiencing an abduction but sleep paralysis? Sleep paralysis is that feeling you get when you're in between sleep and being awake. You're awake, but you can't control or move your body.

Studies have shown that Sleep paralysis is much more common than we think. Studies suggest at least 40 percent or 50 percent of all people experience sleep paralysis at least once. However, John Mack argues that his patients did not experience sleep. Instead, many of his patients experienced encounters in daylight and were wide awake.

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