S802: The Naked Sovereign Surgeon


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Where do sovereign citizens go when they need medical attention? Some of them seek help from homeopathic quacks like Rick Van Thiel.

Rick Van Thiel is not a surgeon. In reality, he's a porn star operating on people with dirty scalpels, reused needs, surrounded by filth. And the worst part is, he performs his surgeries in the nude.

The last episode about sovereign citizens was just exposition for what you’re about to hear. I first learned about this story from Jerri William’s podcast called FBI retired Case File Review. Jerri Williams is a retired FBI agent who interviews other former agents on her show. If you haven’t listened to it, you’re missing out. Her episode haunted me for days. So, I asked Jerri if I can share this story with you. If you thought the last sovereign citizen episode was shocking, wait till you hear this.


It’s safe to assume that most PRETEND episodes are not suitable for young children. Unfortunately, this is one of those episodes. In fact, trigger warning, today, we’re going to talk about sexual assault and suicide. This episode is actually pretty disgusting. So, if you have the stomach for it, please proceed. You’ve been warned.

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