53: "I can tell you're a therapist!" - John Wesley Elliott


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Elliott is a potential predator involved in the Bowling Green, Kentucky predator sting. He is best known for his lewd screen name "bald_beaver_hunter42025". Elliott was 39 years old when he started chatting with a girl he believed to be twelve years old with the screen name "dreamin_of_fairies". Twelve minutes into the chat, he mentions his hobbies are computers and taking pictures of himself masturbating. He then transmits those pictures to the decoy and says he wants to stand outside her window and masturbate in front of her. They chat back and forth for over a month. On the day of the sting, Elliott drives two and a half hours from Benton, KY. Upon meeting the decoy, Casey, at the door, he immediately asks to go to the bathroom. When he comes out, he compliments her on her looks. As Casey starts to question him about what they're going to do, he figures out something is wrong and starts to backpedal on his intentions. This brings out Chris.

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