The Power of People in 2023


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In this week's episode, Erica sits down with Natalie Delmage from Insperity, an industry leader in providing human resources services to businesses of all sizes. Many business owners are scratching their heads, trying to figure out how to build and retain a talented workforce as we approach 2023. This topic has challenged many businesses over the past three years. Don't believe the headlines, people want to work, but they want to work where they feel valued and part of the bigger picture. You have a massive advantage if you can move the right talent into the right seats on your "bus." Your business must invest in providing a great human resource department if you have employees, whether you do it in-house or hire out to have help in the back end of your business. Today we are not talking about the paperwork, although essential, but the resources of people; once you have found great talent, how do you keep them and grow them to be leaders in your company and your community? One important point is happy, professional, trained employees make happy, repeat customers. Tune in and find out more in this week's episode of Practical BizZ.

Key Points

  • Grow your employees into your business, not out of it
  • A great onboarding process is critical for setting people up for success.
  • Employe with diversity in mind
  • Understanding where your employees are at this stage in their life
  • Company culture matters
  • Provide opportunities for people to try new things within your business. Both parties might be surprised by what talents you will find.

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