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In this week's episode host Erica Saccoccio discuss her thoughts about her passion for working with people. The best way to have a successful business is to take care of your people, and when I mention people, I am talking about your employees, customers, and community, both in person and online. Company culture is more than a new buzzword; it is your company's heartbeat, right along with your values and mission. Customers and employees select and stay with businesses and business owners they connect with. Honestly, being attentive and responsive to your people will move your success needle more than your pricing, the excellent logo, the fancy website, and the banding colors you have chosen. Sure, those are tools to move people from point A to point B, but once you capture the attention of the masses, can you keep them with you is the more significant predictor of success.

Topics in this video


1)Company Culture

2)Teacher Spotlights


4)Being Part of the Team as the Leader

5)Strategic Planning Meetings


1) Reward & Loyalty Programs

2) Membership & Subscriptions

3) Personaliazations & Recommendations

4) Ask Questions and Listen

5) Newsletter Emails that Matter

Community In-Person & Online

1) Sponsor that little league team

2) Sign up for a small business advisory board

3) Become involved with Small Business Advocacy in your state

3)Join your local Chamber

4) Network and form partnerships with other small business

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