Mentorship Matters


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"It is the mentor's responsibility to create a safe and trusting space that enables a mentee to stretch and step outside their comfort zone, take risks, and show up authentically." ― Lisa Fain. In this week's episode, Erica meets with LA and Ed from Mentor RI to talk about the many opportunities business owners, early childhood, and youth educators have to network together while rebuilding social skills and relationships and making connections that matter to our communities. Great business leaders often use mentors or are mentors to others as part of their professional growth during their careers. You can use mentorship as one way in your organization to attract and retain top talent and provide internships for those seeking a career path when graduating from High School. This feel-good episode discusses my favorite two topics, education and business.

Here are just a few stats to drive the point home as to why your business should be involved in some mentorship program and how we can positively impact the children and youth in our communities.

  • 92% of small business owners with a mentor agree that it has directly impacted the growth and survival of their business
  • Mentees are promoted five times more often than those without mentors
  • And mentors themselves are six times more likely to be promoted
  • 93% of millennials find skill development crucial for their career
  • 91% of Millennials consider the potential for career progression as a top priority when choosing a new job

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