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In this conversation, Erica Saccoccio, Child Care Directors Chair Creator, Practical Bizz Podcast host, multi-location childcare owner, and current board member of riaeyc (the Rhode Island Association for the Education of Young Children), is joined by fierce children's education advocate, Coordinator of Program Quality for Bright Stars, and Adjunct Professor at the University of Rhode Island Alyson Panzarella to discuss the benefits of being an active member of riaeyc.

The candid conversation goes beyond a list of benefits, as the two share how being an active member of riaeyc has helped them grow as professionals. Beyond her duties at riaeyc, Alyson has focused her studies on advocacy law and has begun teaching at the University of Rhode Island in the past year. Erica shares how riaeyc helped play a role in moving her program up the QRS ladder as programs were among the first group of centers to become part of Bright Stars in RI.

Nothing is off the table; we discuss the importance of early childhood education, including children ages 5-12 years old. Being involved with riaeyc makes business sense from a childcare owner's perspective. The recent additions of childcare retention bonuses, free professional development opportunities, and scholarships to complete formal education programs at the college level thanks to the work done at the state level by riaeyc to help lift teachers and centers in RI to higher levels of quality. We learn about how to use feedback from teachers and other directors to build better work cultures and attract and retain top talent at a time when staffing shortages have hit our nation.

And, of course, we share membership perks such as discounts and reward programs afforded to activate paying members of riaeyc, upcoming initiatives, events, advocacy movements, and public policy. Lastly, we leave the audience information on how to get involved by enrolling or renewing a membership, business opportunities to become a sponsor, or apply to be a board member during the next election season.

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