EP492: The Business Building Power of Being Non-Receptive


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As women founders and entrepreneurs, we’ve been fed a lot of advice about the power of staying open-minded. We’re told to stay open to external feedback, ways of doing things, and challenges that come our way. Being a good leader, we’re told, means staying open.

I’ve spent the first part of my life, as I’m sure you have, honing my skills on openness. It’s one of my core values, and the periods in my business and personal development where I’ve been completely open to ideas and stimulus from other people have served me extremely well.

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But what I’ve discovered of late is that there is power in intentionally closing down and being non-receptive. The notion of closing down gets a bad rap, and while there’s definitely a time and place for being open, purposefully choosing to be non-receptive is more valuable than you think, and I’m showing you why.

If you often find yourself overwhelmed or distracted to the point where you can’t hear yourself think, or you identify as a sensitive person and you’re ready to find a new way to protect your energy and creativity, learning the skill of being non-receptive is key. On this episode, I’m showing you what I’ve come to realize about the power of being non-receptive, and my top strategies for practicing this.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • How being open-minded can serve us well at the beginning of our business journey.
  • Why I believe the advice given to women about staying open is stupid 75% of the time.
  • What I’ve come to realize about the power of being non-receptive.
  • How I’ve learned to consciously hone my skill of being non-receptive.
  • Why giving ourselves permission to be non-receptive is so valuable.
  • My strategies for purposefully being non-receptive.

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