EP501: 3 Keys to a Mature Relationship with Your Business as a 7-Figure Founder


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Are you being the kind of founder and leader that a seven-figure company truly requires? Is your relationship with your business mature enough to continue taking it to new heights?

If you think about your human relationships, especially with children if you have them, you’ll understand how your relationship with them has to evolve. Without the level of maturity that you bring to the table, their growth and development gets stymied. And the same is true for your relationship with your business.

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What I’m offering to you this week is that you don’t own your business as much as you partner with it. The cash, influence, and autonomy you want to create through your business requires a mature partnership, and what I see too often in my work is women founders having an immature relationship with their company, which makes producing powerful results impossible.

Tune in to hear how a mature partnership with your business might be the missing piece right now. I’m showing you how we’re using the rise of anti-hustle culture as an excuse to not show up as a mature leader, the reality of the entrepreneurial experience, and the 3 keys to developing a mature relationship with your business as a seven-figure founder.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • What an immature relationship with your business looks like.
  • The reality of the entrepreneurial experience and what it takes to grow a company.
  • Why the powerful results you want to create are dependent on your relationship with your business.
  • The most important emotional state for showing up as a high-functioning founder and leader.
  • 3 keys to creating a mature relationship with your business as a seven-figure founder.
  • What makes a partnership truly work.

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