EP484: How to Strategically Build Your Leadership Skills


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There’s no doubt that growing a business is one of the most epic personal and professional development journeys you can take in life. Besides the cash, influence, and autonomy that is there to be gained as an owner, having the collection of skills that a seven-figure company demands you acquire will set you up for life.

As I look back at my journey as a founder, there are a handful of skills I’ve worked tirelessly to bring into my repertoire. And as I cast my mind back, there’s a very specific order in which I needed to build them in for them to feed off of one another.

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While you’re using all of your leadership skills at once, building them all simultaneously is incredibly difficult. So, in this episode, I’m identifying the skills that you need to be an effective and successful CEO, and I’m laying out how to strategically build those leadership skills.

Tune in this week to discover the skills that every founder needs to build, and why, especially in the early days, you are your business’s most valuable asset. I’m sharing the secrets to making strategic investments in your every area of your development, and the dangers of narrowing your focus instead of elevating your capacity for every skill your business requires of you.

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • Why you are the most important asset your business has.
  • How strategic investments in your personal and professional growth will lay the foundation for even bigger assets.
  • The importance of building your skills in a way that meets the needs of your business at each stage of its development.
  • Why you need a baseline level of skill in operating every single area of your company, at least in the early stages.
  • A cautionary tale of the pitfalls of only focusing on one area of your development.
  • The specific skills every founder needs and the order in which I recommend you build them.

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