EP472: The Psychology of Freakishly High Sales Conversion


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Are you happy with your current sales conversion rate? It’s rare that a CEO or founder is happy with theirs, often because there is so much confusion and indecision surrounding their sales. This is something my company specializes in, so I have a lot to share with you today.

There are several reasons why you’re not converting as many sales as you should be, and most of them come down to your business structure and ecosystem. When you combine a premium priced ascension model with an effective ecosystem, you can explode your sales conversion rate.

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The psychology of a freakishly high sales conversion has four parts, and I’m going through each part in detail. I address why your conversion rate isn't where you want it to be, why you’re spending all your sales consult time on education, and how to stop attracting unqualified buyers. I’m unveiling the core thing you need to do to boost your conversion to freakishly high levels.

In this episode, I show you why your sales conversion is so low, how to skyrocket your conversion, and the next steps you need to take when the episode ends. This is a very thorough but comprehensive look at sales conversion and how to garner an outrageously high one for your service-based business. Grab your pens and grab your notebooks, class is in session!

Today on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast:

  • What a sales conversion rate is.
  • How to know if your marketing isn’t clear enough.
  • The number one thing you need to do to boost sales conversion.
  • Why smart entrepreneurs might still have disorganized marketing.
  • How to build offer awareness.
  • What a premium-priced ascension model looks like.

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