7.9 Invisible Pain


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Invisible Pain

Finding a healthy balance to the joys and pains of living life is a continual process for most of us. What is hurtful and painful to one person may or may not be the same for another or it may require a different degree to register. We can often better understand and choose our responses to physical pain like a broken arm, cancer, strokes, etc.
Depression comes in many forms and degrees; it frequently appears to be invisible in the people around us. Not understanding the diverse dynamics of depression or lacking the best vocabulary to convey the personal presence of depression, many in our society may choose to conceal their confused feelings and thoughts. Concealment also prevents one from hearing useless phrases like get happy or advice like 'go and be around lots of people'.
Pain is pain whether it is visible to ourselves and others or whether it remains internal and invisible except to the most astute. Recognizing the presence of invisible pain like depression allows us to decide on our personal responses to offer healthy and beneficial support.
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