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I welcome a long-time friend Traysiah Spring to the show to discuss her new book and love project, Clean Green Eating, Plant-Based to Feel Great! We discuss mutual friends that have been on the show (see references at the end) and how she’s excited to help others eat clean, feel peace, and feel more powerful in your body.

We uncover eight fun nuggets that will help you find more joy in both preparing and savoring your food:

#1: Make food fun (mindset). This page has numerous resources for making food fun:


#2: Let Food Be Thy Medicine. (For more information please see: https://makeeverythingfun.com/let-food-be-thy-medicine-covid/)

#3: Food is about gaining lifeforce.

#4: Eating clean allows you to have clarity and own your power.

#5: Food is about much more than what is on your plate (it is about your relationships, the media you consume, and what you allow into your energetic sphere).

#6: A rice cooker can be your best friend.

#7: A slow cooker can also be your best friend (especially in the colder months).

#8: Find creative ways to add raw foods to your diet to benefit from the lifeforce, intelligence, and enzymes (“under 105 to be alive”).

About Traysi

Traysiah Spring is an international meditation facilitator, Ayurvedic consultant and author, who is passionate about exploring and sharing - how to live a consciousness-based lifestyle, for the purpose of waking up to our highest awareness and potential.

She trained and worked with Dr. Deepak Chopra at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, in San Diego, California, for many years, alongside her husband, Tom. They are both certified Ayurveda and Meditation Instructors. Traysi also spent many years going to the Optimum Health Institute, studying how food can profoundly affect our life experiences.

Tom and Traysiah started a non-profit organization - "Deep Peace Adventures Foundation" - where they host an international online meditation community and offer a variety of weekly classes, that explore living a conscious life. Including, offering regular video demonstrations of cooking tips and recipes from their new book - Clean Green Eating - Plant-based to feel great!

What’s fun for Traysi:

Playing with recipes and discovering new plant-based foods that are surprisingly delicious and that I feel good eating.





Nurture (my nonprofit that we reference during the interview): https://makeeverythingfun.com/nurture/

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