S3 EP80: Melanie Nolan - Naturopath - Two hospital births incl. twin birth


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On today’s show we hear Melanie share the birth stories of her three daughters, including twins, and the compelling discoveries she made through a challenging postpartum. Following the birth of her first daughter, which she describes as a mostly positive experience, she suffered in silence completely unaware that she was showing signs of significant depletion. Although she sought out answers to why she was feeling this way, she was told that what she was experiencing were merely signs of motherhood. It wasn’t until her furthered studies in Naturopathy that she began to finally unveil the real cause of her struggles. Left astounded by the difference in her postpartum experiences after the birth of her twins, she went on to specialise in postpartum recovery, fertility and pregnancy care; guiding and supporting women along their own journeys to be the best version of themselves. This is an episode that highlights the importance of self-care and taking the steps needed to support your body, and in turn mind, throughout your pregnancy and postpartum. Show links: Instagram: @thenatalnaturopath Website: www.thenatalnatruopath.com.au

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