The Aquarian Revolution: 2023-2024


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The Age of Aquarius is not an event, but a stage of evolution that we as a humanity are entering!"" -Raquel Spring. ~°~ The Age of Pisces is in a process of culmination and of mutation. In its place we see the Age of Aquarius rise, and along with it a restructuring of collective consciousness. This quantum leap in awareness will result in the inevitable restructuring of our matrix and realities. Along with the emergence of Aquarius, and the new cycle for humanity that is being ushered in, we will see themes like technology, science, space, aliens, collective consciousness, and galactic awareness rise all together. But before we shift gears the old must transcend and give way to new life. This is what 2020-2025 is all about. In this spectacular journey you will learn about the previous 12,000 years, exploring the last 6 ages - the ages of Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Pisces - to understand humanity’s different stages of development and evolution, leading up to Aquarius. Today, as the Age Aquarius dawns humanity becomes ready to push their limits, break free, and operate on a whole new level. This ‘awakening’ is part of a much greater evolutionary process that is occurring. But what does it mean for you and I as we close 2022 and prepare for 2023? In this workshop we will dive deep into our last 6 cycles, with special focus on the Age of Aquarius, and take a closer look at what this brand-new cycle means for the world, for the evolution of humanity, and for our future. Join us at the Portal to Ascension in San Diego: Join us at the Portal to Ascension in Glastonbury SoulSearch Community & Directory:

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