Meet Michael Abrams Managing Partner Numerof & Associates @NAIconsulting


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On today's episode of PopHealth Week our guest is Michael Abramsco-founder and Managing Partner of Numerof & Associates a consulting firm that notes: 'For more than 25 years, Numerof’s rigorous, structured approach has solved complex strategic and operational problems for clients in industries in transition.' We discuss key take aways of their recent report titled:"State of Population Health: The 6th Annnual Numerof Survey Report'.The report measures sentiment from c-suite executives including physician organizations or medical groups and health system executives nationwide. The report reveals minimal progress towards embracing the riskof implementing a population based strategy. Over the last 25 years Michael has built a portfolio of strategy and business performance successes as an internal and external consultant to Fortune 500 corporations. Leveraging the corporate management experience he acquired prior to founding Numerof, Michael has shaped the development of Numerof’s approach, including the firm’s emphasis on innovative and realistic strategies for changing markets, as well as rigor in managing the complex change necessary for improving organizational performance. Michael completed his doctoral work in business policy at St. Louis University and received his MA degree from George Washington University in Washington, DC. He co-authored Bringing Value to Healthcare: Practical Steps for Getting to a Market-Based Model, and his articles have appeared in more than a dozen leading business journals. Enjoy! ==##==

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