Episode 172: Fleet Management - Business Tip of the Month with Eddie Skehan of National Pool Partners


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Episode Summary:

In today’s edition of Business Tip of the Month, we’re joined by Eddie Skehan, Vice President of Operational Excellence for National Pool Partners.

Our discussion today is all about fleet management. In particular, he speaks on the advantages of GPS tracking, which include heat mapping, using gamification to promote good driver habits, performing preventive maintenance, recovering lost vehicles, and geo-tracking.

He encourages every business owner in the industry to make the investment into the latest GPS technology since “the fleet is probably the biggest expense that you have.” He adds that, ultimately, you will reap significant savings down the line.

Topics Discussed:

  • 00:45 - A brief introduction to Eddie
  • 01:41 - A primer on GPS tracking
  • 03:05 - Driver habits
  • 04:28 - Preventive maintenance
  • 05:27 - Recovery
  • 07:10 - Justifying prices on cutting-edge software
  • 09:45 - Fleet management should be your top priority
  • 11:25 - Geo-tracking

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Key Quotes from Episode:

  • The fleet is probably the biggest expense that you have, and maintaining it is something I can’t stress enough.
  • When we look at where [technology] was 20 years ago, it seemed like it took forever to get somewhere. And now, every day, whatever you have today is outdated tomorrow.
  • With the rapid advancement of technology, we’ve seen a rapid decline in prices for these services.
  • Fleet maintenance is a big thing, and incorporating that with GPS will really put you on top of it, and you’ll see significant savings the longer it goes on.

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