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“Just by using they and them pronouns, I’ve got people waiting on me to explain the nuts and bolts of my existence, and others who might be unintentionally wounded if my experience with gender is misinterpreted as a monolithic narrative that applies to everyone in my community. But the thing is — I didn’t set out to be a spokesperson or a luminary. I’m just trying to live the most sincere life I can.” -AdeemTheArtist Vaccinate! Vaccinate! | Attila the Stockbroker feat. KIngsley Salmon and What's Left Dub : Afghanistan EP Freedom Doesn’t Come for Free | Billy Bragg : The Million Things That Never Happened A Day Late and a Dollar Short (feat. Luss) | Rebel Diaz : Radical Dilemma The Dollars (feat. Mother Tareka) | Lee Reed : The Butcher, The Banker, The Bitumen Tanker Dollar a Day | Ryan Bingham : Mescalito 338 Dollars Behind | Jim Page : A Hand Full Of Songs Please Stop Asking Why You Don't Hear Protest Anymore | Joe Solo : Why Are You So Angry: Collected Political Poems 2016-18 5th Avenue Homicide [Explicit] | adeem the artist // : Sidewalk | adeem the artist // : I Never Came Out | Adeem the Artist : Cast-Iron Pansexual I Wish You Would've Been A Cowboy | Adeem the Artist : Cast-Iron Pansexual Take the Guns Away | Dan Bern : Regent Street Change is Constant | Son of Nun & DJ Mentos : The Art of Struggle twitter.com/AdeemTheArtist #PoliticalMusic Polyrical.com movingtrainradio.com

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