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P138 - Normal | Matt Hill If the King needs gold he starts a war Raises an army from the poor If the rich need oil they start a war I'm sure we've all been here before If your bank needs bailing? You know the score You need a scapegoat? Blame the poor If you get caught red handed? Just change the law I'm sure we've all been here before -Matt Hill, “Same Old Story” Whose Dystopia? (feat. Che Noir) | calm. : Truth in Song | Miss Christine : Normal (LIVE) | The Homeless Gospel Choir : This Is A Protest Song No More Normal (Acid Ray remix) | Killdren : The Remixes part 2 & 3 The New Normal | The Alternative Facts : Music From A Burning Planet The Trouble With Normal | Bruce Cockburn : Live On World Café Open Heart | Jesse Jett : The Coming Of Spring We will not forget | Quiet Loner : Greedy Magicians Kneel and comply | Quiet Loner : Greedy Magicians Mob of righteous fury | Matt Hill : Return of the Idle Drones Same old story | Matt Hill : Return of the Idle Drones 2020 BC | Ceschi : This Guitar Was Stolen Along With Years Of Our Lives Leaky Earth (Remix) (Feat. Giuseppe) | Time + Giuseppe : HYDRAVISION https://quietloner.bandcamp.com #PoliticalMusic Polyrical.com movingtrainradio.com

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