P128 - Algorithms | Divide and Dissolve


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I've been doing candle magick & reading Howard Zinn and, while I'm no fanatic, I do believe that what we need is radical movement towards equity & justice to dismantle white supremacy entirely brick by brick by hand together -Adeem the Artist, Cast-Iron Pansexual Rainforest | Noname : Cast-Iron Pansexual | Adeem the Artist : Cast-Iron Pansexual Algorhythm | James Kennedy : Make Anger Great Again SOC MED Digital Heroin | Public Enemy : Nothing Is Quick In The Desert A Dream About the Internet | The Homeless Gospel Choir : This Land Is Your Landfill Kill Big Brother | ZuperZpreader : Socialism For The Rich | Joe Solo : Why Are You So Angry: Collected Political Poems 2016-18 Far From Ideal | Divide and Dissolve : Gas Lit Did You Have Something To Do With It (feat. Minori Sanchiz-Fung) | Divide and Dissolve : Gas Lit Cultural Extermination | Divide and Dissolve : ABOMINATION Reparations | Divide and Dissolve : ABOMINATION Haunted | sole : MBFX To Be Rich Should Be a Crime | Cola Boyy : #PoliticalMusic Polyrical.com movingtrainradio.com

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