P123 - Grenfell | Efa Supertramp


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You can kill the dreamers but this is bigger than us We see our oppressions are all interconnected And I’m ready to stand alongside you I’m ready to fight with you -Efa Supertramp (How Far?) How Do They Do The Things They Do? | Tracey Curtis : Stop the G8 - Mae'n Fucking Afiach! Question Time | Dave : Game Over - EP Ghosts of Grenfell (feat. Mai Khalil) | Lowkey : Soundtrack to the Struggle 2 Names and Addresses | David Rovics : Ballad of a Wobbly The Flames Of Inequality | Robin Adams : Ghosts of Grenfell 2 (feat. Kaia) | Lowkey : Soundtrack to the Struggle 2 Keep Moving Don't Move | Kate Tempest : The Book of Traps and Lessons Jack Shit | Efa Supertramp : If It Was Easy, They Wouldn't Call It A Struggle All My Friends Are Freedom Fighters | Efa Supertramp : Rhyddid Yw y Freuddwyd How Far? | Efa Supertramp : Apocalipstick Blues Illegal | Efa Supertramp : Apocalipstick Blues No Pain (feat. Maverick Sabre, Kojey Radical & Kabaka Pyramid) | Rudimental : Toast to Our Differences (Deluxe) Bring the Power Back Home | My Morning Jacket : Good Music to Avert the Collapse of American Democracy https://afiach.bandcamp.com #PoliticalMusic Polyrical.com movingtrainradio.com

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