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As the bourgeiosie yawned in their beds, their accountants kept count of the dead. Toxic | Public Enemy : What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down? Love and Justice | The Restoration Project : Songs for a Revolution of Hope, Vol. 1: Everything Must Change The Ballad of Julian Assange | Joonas Laine : Wikileaks: Beat the Blockade (Supporter Version) Julian Assange | Richi Harper : Anonymous Rap Julian Assange | Emiliano Scaturro : Julian Assange - Single Multi-Viral (feat. Julian Assange, Tom Morello & Kamilya Jubran) | Calle 13 : Multi-Viral (feat. Julian Assange, Tom Morello & Kamilya Jubran) - Single Julian Assange Why the world needs WikiLeaks | : Tony Skinner's Lad | Robb Johnson : Tony Skinner's Lad - Single Saint Mary | Robb Johnson & the Irregulars : Pandemic Songs - Live Soweto | Robb Johnson : The Forgotten Songs Why Not? | Robb Johnson : Celebrating Subversion: The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow Independent People | Billy Liar : Some Legacy Rise Up | The Freedom Affair : Talk - Action = Zero: A Compilation Benefitting Black Lives Matter #PoliticalMusic Twitch.tv/movingtrainradio Polyrical.com

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