Episode 52: Live Commentary on Netflix's Easy (S1:E1)


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Hey there and welcome to Polyamory Uncensored, a podcast where your hosts Lyndzi Miller and Katie Williams try to answer the 5 basic tenets of journalism: who, what, when, where, and why as it pertains to our poly lives.

Welcome to Special Episode 52 of Polyamory Uncensored in which we sit down and watch the Netflix original series "Easy" together, specifically season 1, episode 1, which sets the frameworks for the open journey of the couple Andi and Kyle. We're doing live commentary of the show while we watch it so get comfy on your couch, tune into Netflix, and join us in watching this episode. We count off so you can watch in sync with us, but if you hate folks talking over shows and haven't seen the series before, maybe watch the episode first then a second time with us. We plan to follow this couple throughout the series for future special episodes so stay tuned as we delve into the good, the bad, the ugly, and the just plain complicated truths about our poly lives.

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