Polished Arrow


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POLISHED ARROW Inspiring conversations about how we engage and interact with life and with God. Most of what we believe comes out our mouths. The mouth speaks what the heart is full of. What comes out your mouth could be a piercing arrow that either hits the bullseye, touching someone’s life, like Jesus so often did, or it could be a burning arrow that stabs a person’s heart. Isaiah (49:2,3) reflects on God making his mouth like a sharpened sword, making him to be a polished arrow into God's quiver, in whom He would display His splendour. Flaps’ discussions and conversations about God and about life have the potential to transform how u think about life and ultimately how your arrows will penetrate society. More about Flaps: Flaps is the Managing Director of theMediaOaks. He is a visionary and inspiring leader. The love of his life is his wife, Carine, an amazing woman of God who believes in celebrating life. He has four children Riccardo, Nastassia, Benjamin, and Micole, who are at the center of his world. Flaps is passionate about engaging with people and helping them discover their God-given destiny. He lived this out for 22 years as the dedicated CEO of 13thFLOOR, a performing arts gap-year ministry. His master’s degree (Cum Laude) in Organizational Leadership from Regent University in Virginia USA compliments his excellent leadership skills. His experience as a DISC Personality Profile and Gallup StrengthsFinder facilitator has sharpened his ability to see strength in others and develop great teams. Flaps is passionate about words and chooses them wisely to convey the message of abundant life. He loves breaking open the word of God for people to understand and apply in their own lives. He is a writer and director of numerous stage productions, industrial theatre performances, movies, commercials, as well as training and corporate videos. He directed the short film Eat, which won kykNET’s Best Current Film award in 2012. Flaps is crazy about golf, sport, curry, and chillies. In fact he loves all sport and all good food!

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