Sumita Chakraborty: Odes to the Overlooked


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Sumita Chakraborty curates poems that draw our attention to the overlooked: to the body’s cycles, to cruelty, to deep attention, to trauma and what comes after. She introduces Lucille Clifton on accepting change and growth (“to my last period”), Ai on the link between violence and loss (“Cruelty”), and Nora Naranjo Morse on vulnerability as potential blessing (“Sometimes I Am a Sponge”). Chakraborty closes by reading her own exploration of the complexities of PTSD, written to an extraterrestrial audience: “The B-Sides of the Golden Records, Track Five: ‘Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.’”

You can find the full recordings of Clifton, Ai, and Naranjo Morse reading for the Poetry Center on Voca:
Lucille Clifton (2007)
Ai (1972)
Nora Naranjo Morse (1992)

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