Jane Hirshfield: The Hinge of Possibility


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Jane Hirshfield curates poems that look into the abyss with brave clarity and complex humility. Hirshfield shares Eavan Boland’s probing into the place of shadows that history passes by (“Quarantine”), Miroslav Holub’s reminder that there is life and meaning beyond human precision (“Brief Thoughts on Exactness”), and Tomas Tranströmer’s marrying of the visionary and the vernacular (“Vermeer”). Hirshfield closes by reading her poem “Day Beginning with Seeing the International Space Station and a Full Moon Over the Gulf of Mexico and All Its Invisible Fishes.”

Listen to the full recordings of Boland, Holub, and Tranströmer reading for the Poetry Center on Voca:
Eavan Boland (2003)
Miroslav Holub (1988)
Tomas Tranströmer (1988)

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