Chet’la Sebree: Liminality


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Chet’la Sebree leads us to acknowledge liminal spaces, those places that are not quite one thing or another, moments of transition and not-yet that have become so familiar to us throughout the pandemic. Sebree introduces Camille T. Dungy’s recognition that grief relentlessly intrudes on joy (“Notes on What Is Always with Us”), Brenda Shaughnessy’s reflection on the difficulties of understanding time (“Three Summers Mark Only Two Years”), and Ada Limón’s transformative rendering of relationships (“What I Didn’t Know Before”). Sebree closes with a new poem of her own on liminality, “Blue Opening.”

Watch the full recordings of Dungy, Shaughnessy, and Limón reading for the Poetry Center on Voca:
Camille T. Dungy (2016)
Brenda Shaughnessy (2005)
Ada Limón (2018)

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