Bojan Louis: The Poem, Listening


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Bojan Louis shares poems that embody deep listening and engagement with particular realities. He introduces Alan Dugan’s grasp of each moment’s truth (“Love Song: I and Thou”); Layli Long Soldier’s poetry of image, witness, and ways of being (“WHEREAS her birth signaled…”); and Angel Nafis’s critical song that speaks to community (“Ghazal to Open Cages”). Louis closes with a recently published ghazal (“Ghazal VI”) of his own.

Listen to the full recordings of Dugan, Long Soldier, and Nafis reading for the Poetry Center on Voca:
Alan Dugan (1966)
Layli Long Solider (2017)
Angel Nafis (2019)

Listen to a 2019 reading by Bojan Louis on Voca.

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