Episode 313 – What If…?Ep 4, Clickbait Netflix, He-Man Jr?


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If you read the title for episode 313; one things for sure it isn’t what it seems to be. The gang gets together and the surprises follow. With Fan X in Salt Lake City looming around the corner, we get excited about seeing everyone there. More to come. So what else is in this episode?

He-Man again??! Let’s get a better look at the group.

The podcast opens up with some very controversial comments about the latest He-Man (reboot?). Is it deja-vu or will this be different? Gamegod seems to have some strong comments about this. Is he on board? Moose seems to have an opinion and Magic Mike follows suit.

The surprise of the evening, Clickbait.

What? This wasn’t even on the docket but Moose cat-fished us or should we say Click baited us. Moose speaks on how he watched the entire series of the new show on Netflix called Clickbait. What was his thoughts? Is the show worth the hype? Can Moose convince the podcast as well as the listeners to invest the time with this show? You don’t want to miss what he says.

What about the show everyone is talking about, What if?

Episode 4 of “What if?” takes on Doctor Strange. If Doctor Strange lost the love of his life instead of his hands, what would of been the outcome? This was a very surprising episode to say the least. It may of seemed as it was a home rIn of an episode but somebody doesn’t see it that way. Is the show going in the right direction or did it fall right into the history of Marvel TV shows and peaked already? Just when you think you know what the podcast is going to say, we say something else. Is that what we call clickbait or catfish?

This week’s episode comes to an end but not without some laughs and surprises. You need to join us on Tuesday at 9pm on Facebook. It will be the most exciting thing you do on a Tuesday night. Don’t believe us, then join us to see.

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