Episode 312 – What If….? Ep 2&3, Spiderman & Eternals trailer, Gametime


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After a few weeks of all types of hiccups, we finally get together and give you an exciting episode. With so much content, we extend our runtime to get it all in. We have shows, trailers, and even video games in this latest episode.

We start with Marvel’s latest series named What if?

Episode 2 showcases T’Challa as Starlord and everything else that changes with him in this role. What changes? Well one that stands out is Thanos is a good guy. He smiles and laughs. The Ravengers are a completely different group. Even The Collector is more dangerous. What else goes on in this episode? We talk about it. It doesn’t stop there. Episode 3; what if the Avengers were assassinated before they became the Avengers? First off how does it happen? Who does it? What is the outcome? Did we like it? And is it what we expected? Lots of question, not a lot of answers.

How about all the trailers that came out?

Marvel finally decided to showcase more of their cinema line up. We start with Eternals. First thing we notice is Superman is in the film. Don’t know what we are talking about. Listen to find out. They finally go a little more in depth and show some fight scenes. Was it enough to get people hype? Are you excited? Does it interest you?

Speaking of interests, Spider Man:No Way Home put out a trailer when the word was that they weren’t. Is this what the movie is going to be about or is there something more here? Maybe an Evil Doctor Strange? A variant? Are we finally going to see the Sinister Six? We saw Doc Ock and perhaps heard Green Goblin. We share our deep thoughts and it gets deep. Maybe too deep?

Between movies, tv shows and video games; this episode has something for everyone. What is missing is you being with us live every Tuesday on Facebook. See you next week!

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