Episode 310 – Suicide Squad, Transformers season 3, Shang-Chi and Venom 2 trailers


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Episode 310 has just been unwrapped and it is chock full of content. From movies, to TV series , to trailers we covered it all. We give plenty of spoilers, opinions and critique in an episode where you hear a side of the podcast you have never heard before.

Lets start out with Gamegod’s favorite tv series Transformers.

Transformers War for Cybertron: Kingdom came to a conclusion in a 6 episode fashion. Gamegod led the charge here, giving a detail breakdown. The question is did he like it or not? Did the series redeem itself from its lackluster second season? Did the good guys prevail and had the typical ending or are the Decepticons reigning supreme? We answer many of these questions and included some more.

What about upcoming movies? Two big trailers came out; Shang-Chi and Venom 2.

Two very different trailers. Both from the Marvel universe but produced by two different studios. Shang-Chi showcases the martial arts world and is part of the MCU. This is the final trailer before its September release date. Venom, even though its a Marvel property, it is produced by Sony and the only thing that can really be said is that there seems to be Carnage (see what we did there). We carefully go through both trailers and give some feedback that may or may not change your current opinion. But the main topic tonight was the latest DC movie release The Suicide Squad.

Now Moose really takes charge with this one. Besides Gamegod’s opening numbers and Rotten Tomato scores, it was the Moose show here. We detail this one and you want to hear what we say. It was beyond informative and incredibly entertaining. If you are not sure what to think of this movie, let us help you. Do you need to go to the theaters or pass on this high budget film. One things for sure, you will have a defining opinion after this episode.

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