Episode 309 – Snake Eyes Movie preview,Masters of the Universe Netflix, Trailers Ghostbusters & Dune


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Bring forth episode 309! A new movie, a new show and some blockbuster trailers equate to an episode you are going to want to hear. We usually like to have a little banter at the beginning of our shows but not this one. We cut that out and dive head first.

First there’s some new trailers on the block for some old movies getting a new make over.

Enters Ghostbusters Afterlife. Now we visited this when it was first announced and it had a teaser trailer. This time around it comes to us with a 3 minute trailer. This was a trailer that Gamegod had to convince Moose to watch. Moose claims it wasn’t worth his time to watch. After watching the trailer did Moose change his mind? Was he right or did Gamegod prove a point?

The next trailer was for a movie that originally came out in the 80’s. It was redone and reimagined for 2021. The movie is Dune.

With its star-studded cast and its rich, fancy scenes; Dune comes to the big screen in an even bigger fashion. Another 3 minute trailer wasn’t enough to show what this movie is capable of portraying. The podcast details everything from the cast to the story and more. Was this a unanimous hit? Was someone skeptical? The movie Blade Runner comes to mind with this film. Why is that? And by the way, who is Hans Zimmer?

Onto the double header for this episode Snake Eyes and Masters of the Universe Revelation.

Now the episode just got juicier. We start with Snake eyes and give it a review like no other. Moose really takes the lead here and speaks like you have never heard him before. What were his thoughts on Snake Eyes? GI joe was a franchise that the guys grew up on. Did this movie represent? You need to hear what was said.

Then there’s He-Man…we mean Masters of the Universe Revelation. Gamegod takes the lead on this one as he even does an impression of He-Man transforming. So the trailer for this looked amazing. Did it translate to a great season? This 5 episode show shocked us in a way that we have never been shocked before. What is that you say? Tune in to find out.

This episode has tons of content but you need to find out for yourselves. As a matter of fact just join us every Tuesday live of Facebook at 9pm. Don’t just listen, be a part of it!

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