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It came and went. Episode 300 was a night to remember! This monumental night had everything needed for a grand event. We made sure to pack it full with the most Podcast4scifi goodies.

We started the night with some behind the scenes. We shared some of the best moments and favorite episodes. We opened up the phone lines and had the chat room be a part of the podcast. They shared some of their thoughts. But the real excitement came with our special guest, Lauren Mary Kim.

This amazing martial artist, stunt woman, and actor is the real deal. She has been in everything from Star Wars to Marvel to Disney. We were awed as Lauren shared moments such as her craziest stunts and when she got hit by a car. We marveled as she shared behind the scene stories.

Want to know who her favorite Disney princess? We got the answer. How about her first sci-fi crush? Only here you will know the answer. Ever wonder what is she more a fan of, Star Wars or Star Trek? You might be surprised. We take some questions from the audience and give them an opportunity to find out how many different fighting styles she knows.

We even got answers on some hard hitting questions like which she liked better, WandaVision or Falcon and the Winter Soldier? Can you believe the audience even wanted to know who she thought was the easiest to beat up from the podcast.

This was an episode for the ages. If you missed it, here’s your chance to see it . Better yet, just join us for the next episode. That is every Tuesday at 9pm on Facebook.

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