Episode 290 – Back to the Future? , Star Wars and GOT, Jupiter’s Legacy (Netflix) and WandaVision (almost done)


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For those of you who enjoy a classic like Back to the Future, you might enjoy this little diddy with Christopher Lloyd searching for the original(s) DeLorean time machine. Yes, they do exists … well, kind of. We go into some details on where to find it and how to watch.

The future of Star Wars in bright on Disney + with them adding shows to the lineup, a lot. They added a new star to the line up where you might remember her from Game of Thrones or Luther. Indira Varma. Did you know that Pedro Pascal also played in GOT along with Indira? Now you know! She will be appearing in the Obi-Wan series when it does come out. What will her role be like? We discuss that and more things surrounding the future Star Wars cast member.

We love classics like Star Wars and Back to the Future, but do you have room in your life for something new? Will you show it the love it needs so we can continue to get more new content? We don’t know if you ever heard of this comic book, but a new series is coming out based on it…. Jupiter’s Legacy. We detail what the new show is about and what to expect.

We couldn’t just have a podcast without Wandavision being mentioned. Episode 8 was released and there is some debate on whether they have enough left in the tank for a big reveal and final battle to end the season.. or will it end the same way it started? A lot of controversy over it on the podcast, including the chatroom details.

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