Episode 277 – Star Trek and Mando recap, Thor gets BIG


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Guess what time it is? It’s Podcast4Scifi time! Episode 277 teleports in and goes big in every way. We have some huge fun in this episode. You will see by the end why this episode is humongous. Since we didn’t give Star Trek Discovery any love last week, that’s where we start off this week.

The look that Moff Gideon is the same look that Gamegod gave giving his review about this latest episode. The team goes into this episode and what a divide in opinion we have. Who believed that this episode was a filler? Who believed that this episode moved the story forward? We tear this episode apart and the comments we make are ground breaking. You need to hear this. You will be shocked!

We shift gears and dive right into Star Trek Discovery. We cover two episodes. Magic Mike really gets into this review

As we enter Magic Mike’s world, the question becomes if we think that Discovery is getting better or worse? We are 6 episodes in and we discuss where we are at in the story. We see some new characters and some new locations as well. There seems to be an alternative storyline developing in the background. Can we figure it out?

So what happens when you take Chris Hemsworth and add 24 inch pythons? You get Hulk Hogan.

Chris is going through some serious transformation to play his new role as Hulk Hogan. Are those muscles real? Can he pull off the the look?

Are we excited to see this? Hulk Hogan made a comment about Chris. Tune in to find out what he said. We have fun with this one.
So this episode comes to a close. We are wondering why you didn’t join us on Tuesday?

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