392 - Helicopter Flight Test


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Guest: Antoine van Gent Host: Markus Völter Shownoter: Pascal Becker

In July I visited the Airbus Helicopters factory in Donauwörth and spent time with Antoine van Gent, the Head of Development Flight and Ground testing for Germany. We talked about the helicopter flight testing process, some of the cultural aspects, the collaboration between pilots and the flight test engineer as well as his participation in a landing of an H145 on top of the Aconcagua mountain.

Introduction Antoine Van Gent


(Head of Development Flight- and Ground Test @ Airbus Helicopters) | General Dynamics F-16 | Boeing AH-64 | Boeing CH-47D | Bell 412 | Bölkow Bo 105 | Aerospatiale AS 332

Evolution and Innovation in Helicopters


Bell UH-1

Aconcagua Story


Airbus H145 lands on top of the andes

Becoming a Test Pilot


End of Interview and Bonus: Walk through the Assembly Line


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