Labor Day Roundup: Virginia's Racial Wage Gap, Railroad Traffic, and Hanover's Transgender Student Bathroom Policy


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"The State of Working Virginia," a new report from the Commonwealth Institute and the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy, details a variety of new findings, including a shocking headline: Hispanic workers in Virginia are paid an average of 68 cents on the dollar, while Black workers are paid just 74 cents on the dollar.
The study's recommendations to help working Virginians include raising the minimum wage, providing paid sick days, and offering further protection to farm workers, who are currently exempt from overtime protections.
The Hanover County School Board has approved a new policy requiring transgender students to submit a written request formally asking to use the bathroom aligned with their gender identity. Opponents say the approach is "deeply concerning," forcing transgender students to share private medical information and out themselves to the school board unnecessarily.
Virginia's passenger rail service logged over 110,000 passengers in July--a record-breaking month that represents a 20% increase over the previous year. A spokesperson from Amtrak says that could be a sign of things to come across the country.
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