Dropping Child Poverty Rates, New EV Standards, and Removing Memorials to Confederate Soldiers


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Child poverty fell to a record low of 5.2% this week. Analysts say that's partly the result of pandemic programs like stimulus payments and the Child Tax Credit. But with many of these programs expired or expiring, what does that mean for American children?
A new mandate from a California board now applies in Virginia, requiring all new automobiles delivered to Virginia will be electric by 2035. While that's receiving some pushback, analysts are pointing out that the alternative is for Virginia to follow federal standards instead. In addition to the environmental benefits, there's a lot of money to be made to the push for electric vehicles, too: for charging infrastructure, for automobile dealers, and for Virginia consumers.
Fairfax County is on its way to removing "Robert E. Lee" and "Stonewall Jackson" from the names of prominent highways, and the Navy is considering renaming ships that honor the Confederacy. Some are also arguing that the Confederate memorial at Arlington National Cemetery should also be removed.
At the watercooler: the leadership of the Libertarian Party of Virginia recently voted to dissolve, causing a stir. Plus, more spirited discussion on whether it's "Tysons Corner" or simply "Tysons" up in Northern Virginia.
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