Asians in the Film Industry, Filmmaking and Art During COVID-19, Mental Health in the AAPI Community with Actress and Filmwriter Yanzi Ding


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Nancy is joined with Yanzi Ding to discuss her career as an actress and her short film, Sans Everything.
* About the bilingual writer/actor Yanzi Ding

New York Taiwanese bilingual actress Yanzi Ding is also a writer, translator, and dubbing artist. As an actor, she leads two Off-Broadway Play and two feature films. However, her mission in the United States is to create work and collaboration opportunities for diverse groups. Therefore, she creates many original works including the stage play which has been world premiered in New York east Broadway theater and has been invited to Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA). Her film scripts have also won Best Screenplay in reputable film festivals around the world.

As a speaker in Asia, she shares and discusses with alien artists how to create a career in the United States with your own craft and creativity.

For more information, please visit the website:

*About the Short Film Sans Everything

⟪Sans Everything⟫is inspired by Shakespeare’s famous prologue “All the Worlds’ a Stage”, which discloses the meaning of this transient and illusive life. The story unfolds an Asian dancer who strives to live in New York and confronts a series of life crises in 2020 including COIVD-19. Surprisingly, she conquers all the ordeals enlightened by Shakespeare’s word “Sans Everything”. Based on a true story.

The project is also honored to be sponsored by New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) artist program, which makes your kind donation tax-deductible, Please check the pitch video and the gift we prepare for you on The script has won 11 Best Screenplay in reputable film festivals around the world and is now the Finalist in Oscar Qualifying festival --Rhode Island International Film Festival.

*NYFA choose the project that is worthy to present to the world, and here we are:

*Other information:

*Official Website:


*IG: @sans.everything_shortfilm

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