208: The January PETE Collaborative


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This is the audio from the 2022 January PETE Collaborative. The collaborative, a gathering of higher education professionals, occurs the second Thursday of each month. To get an invite please email risto@theHPEwebsite.com

Topic: A Problem Setting and Solution-Oriented Conversation around the Future of HPE in the United States.

Description: During this open forum, we will seek to explore critical issues and consequential alternatives within the field of health and physical education. The conversation aims to bring to the surface key questions that need to be explored in and around schools and communities, student learning, and teacher training, and allow us to evaluate where we've been, where we are, and where we need to go in the service of young people and the profession.

While we don't always see the world in the same ways and work in different contexts, we need to agree on some basic principles and priorities, mindful that the path ahead requires collective action and willingness to compromise and change. In this PETE Collaborative session, we will brainstorm innovative and creative solutions to these issues together with the hope that our discussion provides new frameworks to examine old and contemporary issues, outline meaningful courses of action, and identify necessary partners to invite to the conversation.

What are critical issues and problems facing the field of health and physical education today?

  1. Specifically, what are the most important challenges?
  2. What opportunities are developing?
  3. What do we need to prioritize and do to take advantage of these opportunities?
  4. What have you experienced and accomplished that might help others?!
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