Planting Wildflowers with Leanne Ford


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Social media has the potential to bring the most brilliant people into our awareness. Today’s guest is a standout woman who’s passionate work in the field of mental wellness is relevant, creative and effective. She has recently become a published author whose personal story connects us deeper with her true spirit. This episode is one to share and keep sharing. We can all benefit from the skills she shares and the kindness in which her offering is made.

Leanne Ford, MSW, RSW is first and foremost a mom of a very independent toddler who currently wants to do everything himself. She is a Registered Social Worker, Perinatal Mental Health Specialist and Student Affairs professional. Leanne is passionate about delivering an exceptional student experience and support for students throughout their academic journey, as well as, supporting and treating mothers/parents through fertility, reproductive issues, pregnancy, postpartum and the early days of becoming a parent in her private counselling practice.

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