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In this episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we talk with Sexy Fit Vegan, Ella Magers about vegan strength. She shares her story of finding a vegan - Plant-Based lifestyle and how it helped her stay young, fit and strong. We talk about everything Muay Thai, vegan workouts, nutrition tips and we even get into mindset and the words we use and how it affects us.

An animal lover since birth and a dedicated vegan since the age of 7, Ella Magers is on a mission to transform the culture of the vegan movement from the inside out. Through visionary writing, inspiring talks, and compassionate coaching, she gives modern vegans the tools they need to heal and empower themselves in a world that challenges them at every turn.

For years she struggled with disordered eating, family turmoil, and self-doubt, but her dedication to advocating for the world’s voiceless animals drove her forward. Now, she knows that helping her fellow vegans articulate and embrace their own unquenchable passions will both restore them as individuals, and also unite them in their quest to rid the world of animal suffering.

Ella’s deepest gift is her ability to shatter patterns that no longer serve. She shows people that there are alternatives, that the comfort of the mainstream can be deadly, and that plant-based living is the quickest path to holistic health.

In this episode we discuss:
  • Big pigs
  • Daniel Boon
  • Finding plant-base
  • Being strong
  • Finding Muay Thai
  • Vegan workouts
  • Meals outside the box
  • Tips for eating
  • After workout nutrition
  • “Busy” and “I have to”

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