Vitality Foods with MasterChef Contestant Jennifer Helene - PTP430


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In this episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we talk with Jennifer Helene Popken about vitality plant-based foods and her stint on MasterChef. Jennifer Helene is a wealth of knowledge and always such a pleasure to connect with. I was excited to have her on the show to share her health and nutrition journey that started at such a young age. We talk a lot about vitality food, live food, unlikely breakfasts, and some Ayurvedic practices. We are certain you’ll come away from this episode with a new habit. Jennifer Helene was also a plant-based contestant on the very meat-heavy show Master Chef. She shares her experience and we know we are getting the full story as her non-disclosure contract is expired! So stay tuned to the end of the show for all the juicy details. Jennifer Helene, M.S. is an international expert in health. She is immersed in cutting-edge nutrition, fitness, and spiritual thought leadership. She is a serial entrepreneur and builds programs for health coaching, lifestyle change, and mentoring programs; training the trainers. Former FORD model, MasterChef (FOX TV) cast member, mother, seeker of truth, she runs Purposeful Ventures a company that is helping Moms succeed in revitalizing their life, relationships, businesses, and health. In this episode we discuss: Meditation Practice Finding plant-based Leukaemia Pre-diabetes Unlikely breakfasts Good food Vitality food Making Squash Living foods Ayurveda MasterChef

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