Understanding GMO and Organics with Jeffrey Smith - PTP436


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In this episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we talk with Jeffrey Smith all about understanding GMO and organics. For as long as we have been in the plant-based world there have been arguments about the dangers of GMO and non-organic foods. So we tracked down the most knowledgeable person we could find to teach us what GMO are, if and why they are dangerous, and to help us understand organic foods more. We covered everything from roundup to glyphosate to how to identify foods in the grocery store. As a leading spokesperson on GMO health dangers, Jeffrey Smith authored 2 global bestsellers, directed 5 films, delivered 1000 lectures and 1000 interviews in 45 countries, trained 1500 speakers, and organized over 10,000 grassroots advocates. He is now sounding the alarm about the serious, even irreversible hazards from new genetic engineering techniques, which can lead to health and environmental catastrophes. Jeffrey leads the global Protect Nature Now coalition, urging governments to stop the release of all genetically engineered microbes. In this episode we discuss: Finding GMO and Organics What is GMO? Roundup ready How to identify find non GMO -BE (bioengineered, QR) Responsibletechnology.org Is organic sprays dangerous to the world GMO and roundup Illnesses of organic and GMO Glyphosate Is organic worth the money?

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